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2020 - Covid-19 Patterns
To save you time, all the patterns have been downloaded and/or centralized with any u-tube videos for your convenience. Be sure to PRE-WASH all fabric before construction.

1) Pattern Mask Requested by Deep River & District Hospital; Pembroke Marianhill; Renfrew Victoria Hospital
Do not add wire for nose.
    2-Page Basic Pattern Instructions
    10-Page Pattern with Pictures *
    U-Tube Video 3 min
    Original Blog with Pattern - you can read comments

* Thank-you to who made this available for free and provided permission for us to post our own version.

Deep River looking for isolation gowns
Isolation Gown Pattern from Peek a Boo. Free Pattern - PDFs below:
    Sewing Pattern (39 Pages)
    Pattern Pieces (2 Pages)
    Graphed/Formatted Pattern Pieces (1 Page)
Please check out their web-site as a thank-you for their generosity.

Deep River looking for surgical caps.

1) Improvement Comments for Pattern (PDF download button top left of web-page):
- asked by local nurses to make some elastic backed, fitted, bouffant style scrub caps. far, they seem to not fit very close to sides of head and may let hair escape on sides. Any similar tutorials for what I'm describing?
- I REALLY stretched the elastic when sewing it in to make the caps tighter.
- After making a couple of them now I cut the elastic 1/2" shorter (It's a bugger to sew in place ). I Also found that the caps fit better if I cut the headband and the elastic casing pieces on the bias. (Wish I'd of thought about that earlier.)
- Add a tie to each of the sides, near the back. They can pull in that last bit that isn't tight enough.
Put buttons on each side of cap to allow masks with elastics to be attached directly to the cap instead of around ears (ears get sore)
​Thank-you to "wildcat03" of Instructables Craft for making this available for free.
​2) Larissa Fontenot  U-Tube Video 5 min (includes figure with pattern measurements)
    Pattern (cost is $15.00 on etsy can get info from video) The Fabric Patch – Quick Hospital Gown
There are a lot of mask patterns and information out there.  This PDF document reviews a few a patterns and 
shares things learned in the process.