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You can contact us at anytime by emailing us at 
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Hello quilters!  On behalf of Erin and Cynthia... 

We are hoping to do our first zoom meeting as a large group Tues May 19th at 7:00 p.m.

The majority of us are new to using Zoom, so don’t be afraid to try. There is no doubt that there will be several problems for us to work through together. Please be patient.

Here is a quick video you can try to watch earlier in the day so that you have an idea of what to expect from Zoom.

Starting logging in at 6:45 and maybe we can be ready to start by 7:00 (ish).

Please remember to hit the “Mute microphone” so that background noise doesn’t interfere with the meeting. Things like coughing, running water etc, can really interrupt a meeting if your mic is on. Before you speak you can turn it on, then off again when you are finished.  Ear buds also help a lot. 

If you are having a hard time being heard because of the number of people speaking, you can turn on “Chat” and type a question. 

The zoom website is  You can visit ahead of time to check it out. You can download the zoom app from there, I believe. It might take a few minutes, so please don’t wait until just before you want to join in.

An invitation will be sent to you with the Meeting ID number in it. You can click on the link in the email and hopefully not have any problems with joining. We wont give it a password….hopefully that will make it a little easier. 

If you do not have a Camera on your computer, that should not be a problem. You should still be able to see everyone and hear them.

Please be adventurous and try to join us! We are missing you.

See you Tuesday!

Kathy Stencill
2020 May 18
ZOOM Meeting Information